Opera Touch With One-Handed Browsing Experience

Opera Touch Mobile Browser Brings One-Handed Experience

Opera Touch is a new Android browser that allows you to browse smarter while on the move, it is tailored for one-handed use and more comfortable experience while surfing the web.

Using a smartphone is mainly a two-handed affair, It’s somehow difficult to use just one hand, and today we say thanks to Opera, the iconic Norwegian browser developer, has launched a new mobile browser designed to work well one-handed. It’s called Opera Touch, and it’s an excellent browser to try.

How to activate the one-handed mode

First, press something called the “fast action button,” or FAB.
This button ‘FAB’ lets you access to search and view open tabs. It also places control the many of browser’s features within reach of your thumb.

How to refine how the search works in Opera touch

Opera touch developers have added quite an interesting feature on how search works
For example, to access Google, go to the FAB at the bottom of the screen, a keyboard is brought up for you. Then, type your query, and you are good to go.

Opera Touch also has easily accessible shortcuts for searching with your voice, and for scanning QR codes and barcodes.
Opera Touch is also called Flow because it lets you send files, notes, and links to your desktop computer.
How to use Flow
To use Flow, you need to run Opera on both personal computer and smartphone device.

This new browser by opera will first land on Android play store, before eventually making its way to iOS. You can grab it from the Google Play Store.


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