Social Media Advertising Strategy to Better Performing Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are one of the best options to promote any kind of business. Many people across the world think that Google AdWords and other paid search marketing Ads are good, but Facebook ads are a very useful option for small and large-scale businesses. This is because Facebook offers more visibility to brands to establish themselves in the eyes of their target audience. Anyone can promote their business by using Facebook. Facebook offers many options to promote your products and services to Individuals, Companies, etc.

Statistics show that almost 90% digital marketers use Facebook, but 68% of them don’t know properly about its efficiency. Below are some simple ways of becoming the part of the remaining 22% who know about its efficiency:

  1. Know the difference between Promoting and Boosting

As Facebook has reduced its organic search, getting your site or content in front of many people is really difficult. There are only 2 ways to display your content – boosting and promoting your post. But these two are different in terms of driving new sales. Boosting is the easiest strategy and promoting a post is little more complex.

  1. Create a custom audience

The custom audience is strong, as the target of Facebook is really particular. So, you can target your ad to a particular person, in a place at a specific time. These audiences help you connect with people who already have brought into your brand based on the criteria you find essential.

  1. Select your colors intelligently

Colour is important in advertising. Even it is more important in online ads. It is the way people will feel about your brand. As per research, pink or purple color highlights help you get most of the shares.

  1. Promote genuine content about you

People like to buy trustworthy things only. If they trust you, they won’t spend their time or money with you. So, you need to promote content from a trustworthy source which adds to your brand image. After that, use it as the basis of a small promoted/boosted post. If you build more trust, you will receive more money.

  1. Write better copy

Many people don’t understand what is actually written in an advertisement. So, in order to enhance your total marketing department, you need to improve your copy using power words, creating calls to action and making it beneficial for your audience. Just try to play with your own ideas.

  1. Try to use video

Facebook has made the switch to having a great focus on video content this year. Go to your news feed and see for yourself. You will surely find a video post in at least three posts. If you have a good camera or innovative budget, then it’s great news for you, as people use to see the video on Facebook daily, so you require taking benefit of it. It doesn’t just build a better brand identity, but also makes your ads more engaging.

If you have not tested Facebook ads, it is highly recommended for you to do so in the future. With ample time, energy and budget, anybody can become profitable by promoting their service, product or brand through Facebook promotion. So, hire a social media marketing agency in order to do successful Facebook promotion of your business.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

The first benefit you will find when using Facebook ads is that you can target your specific audience much easier. In fact, you will be able to advertise to a narrowly defined audience. This saves you so much wasted time and energy. Imagine knowing when you place an advert that your exact audience is going to see it and not a whole bunch of people who have no interest in what you have to offer, which you will find if you use drops in letterboxes throughout your local area, for example. This means your return on investment will be much higher.

The next benefit which you can’t ignore about Facebook ads is that you are also reaching mobile marketing, making mobile marketing easy. Remember these days the majority of your audience probably relies on mobile phones more than their laptops or computers, and with this type of marketing, you can reach this audience so much easier without having to have different adverts in place and wasting even more of your time and money in the long run.

Facebook has always been very good with their reporting, which you have probably noticed on your Facebook business page. You will be able to view statistics from the response to certain posts to new followers and even the time of day your audience is more active. With the advert section, you will be able to identify how well your adverts are performing, which ones need to be changed or updated and which ones are achieving the greatest interest, directing clients to your website and helping you achieve success.

You will enjoy increased brand awareness. All it takes is one of two of your followers to share your post, and it will reach all their friends on their page, from here someone else may like it and share it from them, and a snowball effect happens, where you reach a much wider audience quickly and effectively. Your adverts will perform pretty much the same way, increasing your brand visibility by ensuring your audience sees your company name and remembers it for when they need a product that you sell or a service you provide.

The greatest benefit of Facebook ads is the price. It is an affordable online marketing solution that can easily work with your marketing budget and what’s better, the same as PPC, you can set a budget you want to use, so your Facebook ad agency knows what they can do to ensure you reach your audience and enjoy ongoing success in the future.

You will find that this type of advertising is highly effective and fast. You get to reach your audience within seconds of your advert being placed, this means there is no waiting period, you can start reaping the rewards immediately.

The final benefit is that with this form of online marketing you will notice your website traffic will start increasing as more people visit your site to find out more about what you provide. Of course with increased website traffic comes increased leads and sales, therefore an increased revenue as a result.

Steps to an effective social media strategy


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