How to buy apps from play store via M-Pesa in Kenya

Google M-Pesa Xpress payments on its app store

Using Mpesa to buy google play store apps

Now you don’t need a card to pay for apps simply buy apps from play store via M-Pesa.

Google, an American multinational technology company has quietly enabled M-Pesa Express payments option on the Google Play Store. This move allows M-Pesa users mostly Kenyan Android users to pay for apps via mobile money instead of cards.

So far we have seen many improvements happening in the mobile payment industry. In the 90s, no one would have believed using mobile phones to make payments for day to day shopping, but the fact is, it is happening now. This mode of payment is faster and reliable, most African countries are now using mobile wallets for daily transactions, and if this trend continues, the paper-based money will be obsolete in future.

Safaricom Limited, the operator of M-Pesa service partnered with mobile commerce enabler, DOCOMO, to enable customers to buy content on the Google Play store using M-PESA. Its a dream come true for Kenyan techies who love purchasing applications.

M-Pesa Xpress is now on google play store, and unfortunately for those with Dual SIM devices, you will have to deactivate the second SIM and leave just the Safaricom SIM active for the payment to process to be successful.


Here is the procedure to purchase apps using M – Pesa On the Google Play Store.
  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Navigate to the account button.
  3. Select payment options.
  4. Under the payment options menu, you will see M-Pesa Xpress as an option.
  5. Choose Mpesa Xpress.
  6. Now head over to an app you want to purchase
  7. Tap on the price tag.
  8. Make sure that your payment method is set to M-Pesa Xpress, if you have no other payment method, then M-Pesa Xpress is set to default.
  9. Tap on Buy option. Your phone STK Menu will send a push notification prompting you to enter your PIN, the amount to be paid is filled automatically. Note that M-Pesa will charge you a transaction fee; it’s a payment service.
  10. On successful purchase. Wait for M-Pesa confirmation text message.

It’s important also to note that, M-Pesa Xpress payment option is not available to all Kenyans. Just be patient, it will be available soon to everyone.

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