Aon Kenya Insurance has Launched a Cyber Enterprise Solutions Based on FireEye Technology

FireEye Technology Kenya

FireEye Technology

Cyber risk is any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization from the failure of its information technology systems. This an all-time high, and features among the top issues in many organizations and businesses in a world where cloud computing, social media, big data as well as the Internet of Things, and other technology system used in achieving day to day business goals. Aon Global Risk Management Survey ranks this issue as the fifth most dangerous. Most companies are aware of this risk, which is why the cyber insurance market continues to expand and to improve reliability.

Earlier today, Aon Kenya, top insurance companies in Kenya pyramid scheme, launched Cyber Enterprise Solutions to help businesses prevent cyber attack incidences that could lead to massive losses.

Chief Executive Officer AON Kenya Sammy Muthui:- “Data is one of the most valuable assets, but it’s also the most vulnerable asset in our organizations. However, as businesses and companies grow, so do their exposure to cyber risk. This just means that that as the value of a business increase, it raises its profile among hackers,”

Mr. Allan Lwala, a cybersecurity consultant and Dr. Bright G. Mawudor who presented informative talks during the event, said cyber-attacks have evolved to bypass traditional defenses as smart malware can penetrate firewalls, IPS, anti-spam gateways or antivirus software. This is a huge threat at businesses hands, and some of them failed before to handle this fact. The survey has that up to 63% percent of companies have faced this challenge of the data breach.


For this, Aon has decided to come up with a solution for you. FireEye technology is here; it does not depend on already known signatures to counter cyber-threats. FireEye and signature-based technology are two independent things. FireEye is embedded in a business’s network through the power of artificial intelligence it dupes an intruder that their intended attack is successful then FireEye tech gives forensics about the attack to the system administrator. This information sent to information security personnel the point of origin of the attacker pointing out vividly changes made by the hacker. The technology behind FireEye is simply traffic data analysis using multi-vector execution engine to ascertain its objective. Also, it correlates attacks within the VM (Virtue Machine) station to determine capabilities of the malware on another system similar system in real-time. It takes an average of 10 minutes to give feedback. FireEye the is a real thing, the power of artificial intelligence in computer security. It uses 8 million sensors across the globe, which works in the real-time; it updates Aon’s FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) Cloud. FireEye since it was launched in 2004 and for 13 good years no has been able to bypass this, this the tool that detected the famous WannaCry malware before it hit millions of PCs across the world.

Business needs to adopt this to reduce losses which may occur. Remember hackers break security not hearts.

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